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Good Afternoon Friends and Colleagues,

I hope you all had an amazing Christmas and New Years! I am excited for what the new year will bring, and I wish you all much success, abundance and prosperity in 2020!

The holidays are a time when our family members gather to celebrate, but it's often when we realize that our aging parents, grandparents or close friends may need some extra support i.e. help with downsizing, finding trusted legal services, help with assisted living transition, etc. We understand how stressful and overwhelming this time can be without the right team of professionals behind you.

I spent countless hours in 2019 networking, researching and assembling the right team for you to help during these stressful life transitions, and I'm so EXCITED to introduce San Diego's...


Background: As an owner of a niche real estate company who's mission is to serve the underserved, I am passionate about serving the Senior Community. My partnership with a local and reputable Senior Move Management company allows me to handle every aspect of their home sale and move. Their move is not only fully managed by professionals, but their move is completely FREE!!! 

I realized last year that I can take this one step further by finding more TRUSTED professionals that will not only provide crucial resources to our Senior Community but will offer discounted services through a partnership. It can be so difficult to find the right people to refer to our clients to, and it is highly important to make sure we are, in turn, represented well! 

Senior Care Team Mission: We are a team of seasoned professionals who have collectively come together to provide important and useful education, support and services to our beloved Senior Community.

Senior Care Team Members:

Sharp Health Care Senior Resource Center Oasis Senior Advisors | Care Placement Amada Senior Care   |  Home Care Guardian Angel  |  Home Health Care Comfort and Peace Hospice  |  Hospice Weissler Law Group  |  Trust and Estate Attorney Northwestern Mutual  |  Financial Adviser Certified in Long Term Care The GreenHouse Group  |  Reverse Mortgage and Mortgage Planner St Paul Senior Services |  Senior Care and Senior Living Meridian of Lake San Marcos  |  Assisted Living Silverado Memory Care  |  Assisted Living with Memory Care  Courage to Call  |  Non-Profit for Distressed Senior Veterans Caring Transitions  |  Senior Move Management/Estate Sales Lotus Realty Group  |  Real Estate Services for Seniors

Our goal in 2020 is to continue to grow and add trusted professionals that will be a great asset to you and your loved ones. Our website and educational brochure will be ready by the end of the month. In the interim, please check out our face book page:

Our Senior Care Team is here to help you and your aging loved ones through many life transitions you may encounter in 2020 by offering kind, compassionate and trusted support.

As always, thank you for YOUR continued support of my mission and my business! For more information on our Senior Care Team please contact me directly. 

All my very best to you all!

Cari Ann Drolet

Founder & CEO- Lotus Realty Group and Real Estate Partner of Caring Transitions.

P:  858-444-5586


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