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Short Sales Are Making A Come Back!!!

Dear Friends And Colleagues,

Short Sales are making their way back to the real estate market!

In north county inland alone, there are are over 500 distressed, unlisted properties, and this number is climbing. We are seeing a lot of loan modifications re-defaulting in addition to unforeseen and unfortunate events that lead to family hardships. There is also a new loan product out called Non-Prime. Non-Prime is a lot like Sub-Prime: it provides a mortgage option to consumers with less than perfect credit but with stricter guidelines.

I personally think we are going to see a lot more of distressed properties headed toward possible foreclosure over the next two years with this new loan product being offered. I understand that negotiating a Short Sale is not the easiest type of real estate transaction to manage, but you may run into clients that need your help with one in the coming months and years.

Many of you know me and my company as one of the top Short Sale negotiation teams in the height of the last market crash. My company has negotiated hundreds of Short Sale transactions for our clients and other realtors since 2009. We are experts in the required experience and real world knowledge to get these delicate transactions closed.

Before you consider walking away from a Short Sale, contact me. We would love to help you negotiate the best Short Sale approval on behalf of you as the realtor and your client as part of your team. We have a proven methodology that works to get even the toughest Short Sale closed. We have seen many unique situations and have been able to maneuver through them all.

Our program includes a solid, ethical short sale package with the proper legal backing so we are all protected. In addition, if you need extra support explaining the short sale process with your clients I would be happy to go on those appointments with you.

If you have a Short Sale scenario you would like to discuss and would like to learn how we can help, please contact me today for a free consultation.

Cari Ann Drolet Founder & CEO- Lotus Realty Group and Real Estate Partner of Caring Transitions. P:  858-444-5586 E.


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