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Modern Bathroom
House with Red Door
Luxury Bedroom Interior

Buying Your Home

 A home is the largest and the most emotional investment most people will face in their lifetime. Is this the right time to buy? Is this the right investment? Is this house priced too high?  I love this house, but can I afford it?

The most important thing you can do FIRST is to get pre-qualified for a home loan, understand your price range and affordability and then start looking at your options today. You don't have to know exactly what you want; Lotus Realty Group is ready to help you through every step of the process to help you find the perfect investment that fits you.


It is our job to put you first. This is YOUR dream, and we are just your advocate to help you make it a reality. Expect your agent from Lotus Realty Group to:

  • Educate you about the current conditions of the market.

  • Analyze what you want and what you need in your next home.

  • Coordinate the work of other needed professionals throughout the process.

  • Guide you to homes that fit your criteria and budget.

  • Negotiate on your behalf to get you the best deal possible.

  • Check and double-check paperwork and deadlines.

  • Inform and discuss with you, and suggest solutions to solve any problems that may arise.

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