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Short Sales

A short sale occurs when the lender agrees to take less than the full amount required to pay off existing loans in full because the outstanding loan balance is greater than the proceeds realized from the sale of the property. This sounds simple enough and is the definition most agents will give you. The problem is in the details. The terms of the approval are almost always dictated by the lender. Most sellers and many agents assume any approval is a "good approval," 

which is often not the case.

Lotus Realty Group has successfully 

negotiated hundreds of short sale transactions for our clients since 2009. We are experts in the required experience and real-world knowledge to get these delicate transactions closed. We understand what we must do to advocate for our clients during these incredibly stressful and difficult life transitions.  Due to our vast referral network in the real 

estate industry, we are also contracted by other real estate companies to provide negotiation skills,

certifications and experience during short sale transaction for their agents as well.

If you're considering a real estate short sale there are things you need to know before speaking to your lender. Consulting with a licensed professional and Certified Distressed Property Expert (CDPE)  from Lotus Realty Group versed in short sales and the foreclosure process is a must. A successful no-cost short sale with zero deficiency judgments looming in your future can be possible!

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